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lake maps

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by fisherman, Aug 26, 2007.

  1. hi all

    i'm looking for some good lake maps. yes i know i can go to odnr website and get them. but when i print them out the depths dont show up good. i was wondering if i went to the odnr office if i could get them there? and if they would cost me?

    thanks in advance for any answers

  2. StuckAtHome

    StuckAtHome Mad SOT YAKER!

    If you don't mind spending a few bucks, goto a book store and get the book with all of Ohio's lakes with details, contours, ramps, fishing, ect. Its awesome, I'll See if I can find you a name.

    PS- I found it.
    [ame=""] Fish Ohio: 100 Ohio Lakes (Fish Michigan): Bill Bailey: Books[/ame]

  3. For those that are available via PDF, you can zoom in on them. It won't give you more contour lines, but it will give better separation. Then, you cut and paste sections into Powerpoint or Word or something, and then print. My printouts of Griggs or Alum Creek or Knox, for instance, end up taking about five pages for a given lake because I zoom in pretty fully.
  4. maybe there's a problem on your printer :)
  5. I agree with DrChip. Ever since the ODNR started putting their maps on .pdf it gave the fisherman a lot more options when it comes to zooming, printing, etc. My topo map of Hoover is at least 10 individual pages that I keep in those clear plastic sheet protectors.
  6. seethe303

    seethe303 Senior Executive Member

    what happened to the link that was on the main ogf page, the Ohio Lake Maps link now goes to the main odnr site?

    if you click on publications then click on Lake Maps it goes back to the main page...

    I'm just looking for that topo map of hoover.
  7. st303, the ODNR site appears to be down. That might explain it.

    now it's up again....weird

    Looks like they're having technical difficulties. Some of their own site content isn't working.
  8. seethe303

    seethe303 Senior Executive Member

    ah gotcha. I know a few weeks ago they had a message up stating they were doing repairs or something.


    thanks, though!