Lake Loramie Crappie ????

Discussion in 'Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by dodgeboy75, Jun 10, 2007.

  1. Has anybody been catching any lately??? I will be up there Tuesday and just wanted to know if I would be better off bass fishing.Thanks
  2. well not sure about the crappie, but that bass bite was pretty good saturday. we only boated 3, but we missed atleast 5 more keepers. heres the pics of the bigger ones we got.

    my 16.5in 1lb 15oz

    dads 17.5in 2lb 9oz

    does anyone know what day the open tourneys are for bass, we think its either wed or thurs but arent sure. thanks


  3. Good loooking fish, but even better is that great looking sweat shirt (I'm from St Marys)
  4. Crappie Fishing has been very slow and most under 9 in. The bass bite has been great though. Thursday night is the weekly Bass tournament on Loramie.
  5. thanks, do you know what ramp? and how are the weights going so far? thanks again

  6. They use the main ramp on the West side of the lake.. Not Earl's Pavilion ramp. Not sure about the weights????