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Lake Logan 6/26/04

Discussion in 'Southeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by bigfoot27, Jun 28, 2004.

  1. I stayed with some friends that came up from Cincinnati at Lake Logan campgrounds on Friday night. Saturday morning, I took them fishing at Lake Logan for a few hours. One of my friends has never even fished before and I was teaching him how to fish. We were just fishing for some bluegills with worms. I started him out with fishing with a bobber, but that didn't last too long as the wind was blowing too much to be fishing with a bobber. I ended up taking it off and told him to cast out and when he sees his pole bend to grab it and pull back to set the hook and reel in. It wasn't 5 minutes after I taught him this that he caught his first fish, a small gill. By the end of the day, he ended up out fishing me with 5 bluegills and 1 rockbass to my 3 bluegills. Now, he is hooked on fishing and he called me up yesterday and asked me when we are going fishing again. Also, while we were checking are lines a few times, we ended up catching what looked to be decent sized snails. Has anybody else that has fished Logan have these attached to their lines?

  2. Way to go. Glad to see that you got another person interested in this great sport!