Lake Lavere-La Su An Area-Report

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    Dad and his small fish keeping buddy :D got on Lavere today. They said the fishing was slow all day only getting 8 fish in all ranging from 5in. to 9in. (told ya he kept small ones) The ice was about 6-7in. thick and it was cold enough to freeze any water on top when they were there. At the check station the man there said that the fishing had been slow everywhere and no 2 guys had brought in their 20 fish... I guess it was a nice fun day out!!! Anyone else get out? P.S. My dads buddy got a F.O.!!!! :B
  2. We had 6 guys at La Su An on Sunday - 4 on Ann and 2 on Mel. The guys on Mel -Hoosier Daddy and Phisherman- grabbed 7 nice sized gills. Not sure what the ice thickness was on that lake.

    Me and 3 non OGF'ers hit Lake Ann. Didnt measure ice thickness but judging by the scoop handle, the ice on Ann was 12"-14" thick. Drilled about 20 holes to catch a total of 2 gills between the 4 of us. We left by 1:30pm.

    After leaving, hit a private pond that produced about 5 gills from 3:00-5:00. Then from 5:00pm-6:45, the 3 of us couldn't keep our lines in the water. Ended the day with 50 fish, about 40 of which were caught at the end of the day.

    I wish I woulda slept in.....

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    My girlfriend and i fished Lake ann .We ended up with 14 gills.We had Power Bait Maggots and would drop 4 or 5 down the hole every 5 minutes and the fish would come around.

    We were in 10 ft of water in the Fishtrap Guide shanty.Girlfriend caught 3 gills that were Fish Ohioswith the largest going 9.25 inches.

    Capt`n Dwayne
  4. Walleye- we were just kinda walking around on the west edge near the parking lot. I saw the shanty you had- the only one setup out there. Glad to hear you got some fish. I couldn't buy a bite. I had one nibble the whole time.

    I thought about heading down your way but 2 other groups were down there and there wasn't any room. We were pretty discouraged by that time and decided to leave instead of drill a bunch more holes.
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    I had my limit by noon and had thrown back 4 at 7.5" in between. None were over 8.5" though. Good day, extremely light fickle bite though.
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    That sounds like a good report sponge. Would you mind sharing where you were fishing? Thanks glad to hear ya got some!