Lake La Su Ann Future Report

Discussion in 'Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Sunfish, Feb 11, 2008.

  1. To all who use this lake. Please be advised that ODNR is looking to allow this lake to become an unlimited horspower lake. Please go to "9.9 No More" thread in the Lounge forum and in the Central Ohio fourm for more info.
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    Going there sunday. Hope the ice is good!!!!!! will have a report when I get back! P.S. is this just for the biggest lake of "La Su an' or is it for the whole wildlife area?

  3. Can't see how that would be possible?

    Thay are all pretty small lakes.
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    They are looking to make it unlimited horsepower BUT if you have above a 9.9 it will be IDLE ONLY. You will not be able to go fast or anything. They are just going to allow some of the bass boats...etc be able to get to the other side without using up their trolling motors.


    What lake are you on on Sunday? I will be out there also. I am thinking about fishing Jerry's or even Woodduck or Teal this week. I didn't make reservations so I could fish 1 of the other ponds I haven't fished in a long time.