Lake isabella

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  1. Going to Lake Isabella next Saturday and Sunday is there a bait store in the area what time would it open and i haven't got my license yet this year do you need one to fsh Isabella
    Thank you
  2. you do not need one to fish lake isabella.. They might come around in the winter to collect a few dollars. once the boat house opens it will cost around 8-9 dollars.

    good luck

  3. appreciate the info what is the best place to get minnows and shiners for trout and catfish
    good fishing
  4. Lake Isabella has a full line of BAIT & TACKLE you wont believe the selection its like bass pro on the east side.They open on the 22 at 8 am for the year.
    The park Will be stocking 1000lb of trout that day as well. Lake Isabella cost $9 for adults to fish. They let seniors fish free.