Lake Isabella CATS

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  1. Last weekend I got over 50 channels at Isabella on strawberry chicken and hot dogs they are on weeds and lots of big fish being caught as well
    I saw several 40's and lots of 20, 30's at night best kept secrete in the city.!!!
  2. not anymore! Just kidding not bad for a weekend of fishing. I personally have never been there but the more I hear about it the more I wanna go.

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    Well, who doesnt like strawberry chicken and hot dogs?;)
    Sounds like a good time.
  4. The lake used to be amazing back in the day. Since they put the weed killer in the lake, the fishing has slowed down a lot. However sounds like you found them. They put so many fish in there each week, people are bound to catch them up. I wish they had bigger fish than the 40's. They used to have big 60's and 70's and Budweiser sponsored a fish in there probably 10 years ago named Big Bud, nobody caught him.

    Probably 8 years ago I went there at 7 in the morning an left at 9 in the morning after limiting out my 3 tickets with 24 cats in 2 hours. Ate catfish for a week
  5. Big Bud is in Miami Whitewater.