lake in Mt. Orab?

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    i dont go to Mt.Orab to often but i was driving on 774 and saw a pretty decent size lake and quite a few people fishing. anyone know the name of this lake and waht kind of fish are in there? any info would be appreciated because i am always looking to try new fishing holes.:)
  2. the lake is called lake grant...and they draned it two years ago to fix the damn..there is not a fish in there over 12"

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    Very shallow. I hear it's decent panfishing.
  4. fishymcgoo

    fishymcgoo I DIDN'T SEE THE SIGN

    thanks for the info:)
  5. there is a lot of fish in grant. yes they did drain the lake, but they dug a holding pond in the back side of the lake. they are a lot of fish over 2 foot in that place...
  6. I fished in Grant lake. seemed to average a steady 4-6' deep everywhere we went. where is this "holding pond" your talking about?
  7. went about a month ago caugh 5 keeper bass on spinnerbait
  8. u must not fish there to much cause there is plenty of fish over 12" in there. They drain the old resvour in the center of the town of mt. orab and they shocked the fish and transported the fish to lake grant and there was huge fish that come out of there. They had local guys throwing a tourny over there all summer long on sundays i believe had plenty of limits caught .The crappie fishing is awesome big nice eating crappie and blue gill i like lake grant the only down fall is i hate to troll i like to run the motor to get to the spot..
  9. I know a couple guys that fish the lake for flatheads and do pretty good. I have seen pics of the 30's come out of the lake. I believe they would have to be over 12 inches. Ronnie
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    Buddy of mine nabbed a 16" Crappie there this past Spring 07:B
  11. Nice crappie.. after they fixed the damn it is now a 5 horse lake I was told by a game warden
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    roflma, good one