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lake hope 3-27

Discussion in 'Southeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by peon, Mar 27, 2005.

  1. peon

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    we are headin out to lake hope here in about 5 min. hopefully we can get into some pig bass.. ill report back after i go get a 9#er ...
  2. catking

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    Good Luck to you Peon !!! Also, nice hearing from you ;) Hey, there are some MONSTER BASS in that lake................. Be waiting for the full report.. THE CATKING !!! :)

  3. peon

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    no good at all.. my father in law caught a small bass ... it was cold. and the rain was colder... we have a club tournament next sunday there hopefully the water heats up this week..

    hey catking how ya been???
  4. Keep us informed please!
  5. Hey Peon, just looked at local forecast for Athens. Rain today, Monday, about 50's and then Tuesday, 60's with sun, Wednsday: 70's with sun, and then cloudy with chance of rain and 60's till Friday. Hope it helps!
  6. peon

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    yea i hope so too... it could only help it couldnt get worse....
  7. With all this rain, Lake Hope is going to be muddy. It doesn't take much to muddy Hope up. Hey Peon, I see you are from McArthur, we deer hunt about 2 miles from there.
  8. peon

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    i didnt do so good in my tourney.. i caught 1 short fish.. the wind was bad! 1st place 5 lb 14 oz 2nd place 5 lb 7 oz and 3rd place 5 lb 1 oz. it would have been great if we had no wind.. everyones trolling batteries went dead... it took one guy 1 hour and 45 min. to get out from back to weigh in.. he got DQ'ed... at least i caught a fish on my new pole!
  9. Where is Lake Hope?Thanks saugeyeslayer1
  10. peon

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    lake hope is in VINTON COUNTY its next to Zalaski . if you dont know where that is its between athens and chillichothe
  11. Thanks peon have to get down there and try it. Sorry about the tourny to bad that you didnt win. Till later, dont catch them all. saugeyeslayer1