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  1. Can anyone tell me what the bass population is like in Hodgson? I have fished there numerous times and love it, but all I ever catch are crappie and trout. What should I use to catch bass? Also, are there any smallmouth in there too?
  2. Early morning...late eve. Topwater baits helped me a lot but that was yrs ago.

    Good safe out there.

  3. can you put a boat in there?
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    jonk540 jonk540

    yes, electric only
  5. I have heard of some smallies- but never caught one, transplants of locals.

    Hodgson offers a good opportunity at bass IMO. Subjectively, the bass population used to be stronger in size years ago.

    Seemingly went through a transition last 5 or so years from "poor" to "fair" and last season appeared more promising with increased class years of
    13"-14" fish. Numbers of these fish were expected every outing last year, with a couple of 3lbrs showing into the mix on a good day- this year you could anticipate these fish to be larger as a group and higher survival due to sheer numbers.

    Some 4 hour tournaments of the past could result in 3+lb averages, recent years though just 3 or 4 keepers (under 10lbs) usually takes first.

    I'd bet this year will ultimately be better than recent past.

    Hodgson is like a big bowl with distinct weedlines forming the entire circumference by mid June. Concentrate on the inside and outside edges of weedlines with jigs,worms,cranks and should do fine.

    There are some sweet spots throughout and will reveal themselves as weedlines reach the surface and show the contours of these areas. Some submerged brushpiles and rock piles are in these areas.

    Hope it helps some- just go fish!!!

    We have an event there June 15th- check it out!!!

  6. I've fished Hodgson only a handful of times. I've caught a few bass, but have never done very well. However, I've heard people do pretty decently there on LM--guess it's just me.
  7. I saw two guys early in the season couple years ago tearing them up! They caught one after the other and really seemed to have their act together-considering the high dollar bassboat they were fishing from(using their electric to move around in of course). These were all nice fish from my vantage point. They released every one, also. I was fishing trout and crappie.
  8. They stocked smallmouth fingerlings last year so its gonna be a while before that picks up.