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Lake Flatheads still prespawn or has it begun?

Discussion in 'Catfish Discussion' started by Chillydigits, Jun 18, 2017.

  1. With the hot weather has the water temp risen enough to trigger the spawn? On the couple lakes I fish I have noticed a sharp drop off in activity. Just curious to what everyone else is seeing in the way of Flathead activity now.
  2. Ive noticed the the drop off too, been the past few weeks, with little ones being caught here and there but nothing of any size.

  3. Fisherman 3234

    Fisherman 3234 Member

    There have been some BIG fish caught this past weekend out of some of the rivers...

    FINMAN Old Junior Member

    We did ok with flatties on the Scioto this past weekend,but no channels. My plan for this weekend will be live 'gills again. IMO we're in between post spawn channels and pre-spawn flats where I fish, so I might as well throw a bait that will work for either or both. I'm happy with either - as long as they're BIG.

    FINMAN Old Junior Member

  6. Just out of curiosity. The area of the state you guys catfish, are there any river guides for hire? I would like to fish with someone that is knowledgeable and could learn some things from . Any suggestions? Thank you
  7. I would suggest Shovelhead fishing with anyone except me... At the moment I am on a 32 hr biteless streak..
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