Lake Erie Waterspouts

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  1. Anybody here have any experience with waterspouts on Lake Erie?
  2. Years ago on erie. My wife and I were on one of the headboats out of drawbridge. It was a really nasty day. Had a little spout blow right through the Wantanna II. Kinda cool, never seen anything like it before or since.

  3. Yup.....

    Head the other way...

    Kgone and I were out in 2004 i think... Clouds were comming and and Ken was telling the Time he seen one from "State Rd hill" mind you this was 13 miles or so, from the lake @ one of the Highest points in Parma and commented...."Kev, ya know, i never seen water spout before"...Kev proceeding... "Well you will NOW.. Look over there!!!!!" man.. was that a site.... wisely we went in and the other way..

    Scary indeed...

  4. yep franks got er right...avoid them they can be nasty
  5. Fishers of Men

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    I fished right down between two of them once.
    These were takin by Craig:

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    We saw over 25 in one day a few years ago out of Fairport. Some were huge and lasted a long time. Most were a good bit east except one that formed right over us! We had to make a quick move. I took some phots and shipped them to Big Daddy. He was able to post them then. Maybe he will again.
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    I saw countless numbers when I was offshore in Fla!
  8. WOW.

    Thanks of the comments and those great pictures!!

    (I've been on the Wantanna waterspouts though)
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    Here is one that I captured that Fishon talked about. Off lorain.

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