lake erie largemouth

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    Alot of people forget how good the largemouth fishing can be this time of year.
    i was at east harbor saturday,and i was getting alot of solid 2 to 4 ponders,
    there was a bass tourny going on,but i didnt see many guys catching them, i got 23 in about 3 hours, and they were pigs!,the smallmouth bite will soon be on, and i can't wait, give it another 2 weeks, and it'll be on like donkey kong!!
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    Bait Suggestions?
    I Love That Place For The Panfish!

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    What was the water temp in the harbor?? Any pic's of the pigs?
  4. I was up there on Sunday and had a blast! Throw a weedless frog around lily pads and matted grass and hold on! It just about makes your heart skip a beat when those big largemouth hit that frog. Also try small plastic finesse worms around the rocks of the inlet to the harbor. My dad and I caught around 50 with 3 of them over 4 lbs. most of the others were around 2 lbs. or so. Man I love that place! I wish it was a little closer to where I live.