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  1. I got some new fishing gear that I am itching to try out. Im not one for ice fishing and was wondering if the lake is iced over.

    Has anyone been out fishing around sandusky bay or other spots around lake erie that still have some open water?

    I dont want to travel to far and sandusky bay is about as far as I would want to travel from toledo?

    I was thinking about maumee river but a coworker said he tried a few days ago right after the warm weekend but could not get a bite.
  2. Fishpro

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    The lake is wide open off Port Clinton. The bay has ice, but it has pockets of open water yet. I was just out there a couple of hours ago to check.

  3. NorthSouthOhioFisherman

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    The only ice is in canada all along point pelee past lemington way down to windsor
  4. I caught my limit off Crane and then double tripped and did another limit from the Maumee river today:p
  5. You got it:p
  6. Well went out today, dumb idea in the cold?? probably but got to try out some new poles.

    Did find some open water off of the bay view bridge. The only downside was that I didnt find any fish.

    only stayed for about an hour, I guess it was good to at least get out for the first time this year.
  7. Was up working around devils lk friday and there were shantys everwhere. Customer said he heard that they have a foot of good Ice. I know thats not NW Ohio but the best I got.
  8. The Warm Water DIscharge behind Bay Shore Power plant might be worth a shot right now. You never know whats in there. Alot of snags,though.
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    We were there yesterday and there wasn't a car in the lot...
    Doesn't mean there weren't any fish though... It was also mussy