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Late report but thought still may be helpful for you guys who want to load the freezer with some lake erie gold.

Left the walleyes alone friday and ran to conny to jerk some perch and i must say it was good fishn for my crew! Size was ok but not what we''re used to.Smallest kept was 8 inches with some real jumbos in the mix.After next week's cool down i expect the jumbos to really get active!!

Ran out to 52fow (04n 32.5w) dropped lines and it was on.Boxed our 3 man limit but had to sort a lil before 90 made it to the cooler.Used my own frozen shiners.The pack was set up in 48 fow a lil west of me.Not much else to add other than the lake was dead flat.The only good part of that was it only took 10 mins to get out and less than that to return to port.All in all a good day of fishn.

Used the terrova i pilot to anchor and it was awesome! sure was nice to not have to mess with the anchor!
Good luck if you make it out
Tight lines, Jeff

too calm!!

cooler pic!
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