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Lake Erie charter offer still stands ...

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by JV1, Jun 29, 2004.

  1. JV1


    A while back I spoke to Lake Erie Charter Capt. Bill Caban , who offered the following >> Anybody interested in a fishing charter on Erie's western Basin for perch, walleye's or smallmouth check this out. > Any member of this web site who rounds up some guys and books a trip and mentions OHfishing OR OhioGameFishing To Captain Copa will fish for FREE. If you put the trip together your on board a class A charter at Catawba Island Marina South Port Clinton Lake Erie . I have known the Capt. for years and he is a good fellow

    >>>>>>> ANYWAY I wanted to let you know that the offer still stands for members of both sites, and WORMINATOR took advantage of the offer and booked a trip, he had a decent day on the lake.... pictures here> ANYONE who takes the time to put together a group and book a trip from or fishes for free with Capt. Copa ... So who is taking a moderator fishing ?
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