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  1. There's a bunch of people here at work that are interested in taking either a walleye or perch trip to Lake Erie sometime this year. One person was telling me that they did this a while back and they had 20-30 people on the boat and it wasn't a headboat. Does anybody know of any such charters that can accomodate that many people? If not what's the biggest you know of and any contact information would be much appreciated.

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    the only boats i know of that big are head boats most charter captians have license for 6 people some 8 i know my old man has lots of dates open and they have 2 boats that will handle 6 each but have other captians that they can get to accomidate larger groups check out or call 1 419 734 9711........hope that helped some...........jim :)

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    Perhaps they CHARTERED the entire headboat.
  4. fishingful

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    i know that we had the entire boat for the perch trip at hogfest last year
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    Sassy Sal Charters, (419) 732-7755 has 2 boats they charter out. The Sassy Sal, holds like 30 people or more and charters for $850. Their other boat, the Investigator holds 18 and charters for $450. The rates are for 7 or 8 hrs. port to port. We get a group of 14 for the "Gator" and it cost like $45 a piece and you know everyone on the boat. It's a great get together for work or other groups. -Hooch-
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    Don't forget to check out " Reef Stalkers " when you are wanting a chartered fishing trip...... ;) Their banner runs at the top of the " Lounge " page..... Great People ;) ..............THE CATKING !!!
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    Eric at reefstalkers is a great guy and will give you a trip to remember. However he is like most charters he can accomidate 6 or 7 for a group that size you will have to charter a headboat just for your group. But if anyone wants to get ahold of Reefstalkers do so you will not regret it. Should be a post from gshart he is going out with reefstalkers next weekend i was going to but with my fla trip i cant make it.
  8. Tibbles Marina up on Marblehead will fix you up......old family operation, and they do a good job. 419 734 1143