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Lake Erie Charter for Perch/Walleye ? ? ?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by tech187, Sep 5, 2005.

  1. Anyone recommend a charter boat for a perch/walleye trip to Erie? I have heard people talk about Reef Stalker Charters, but they are booked for the days I can go. Thanks for any recommendations.
  2. Tech187,
    I used Chelsea Charter early this spring. He did a real good job in getting us our limit of eyes in June. I would recommend him. Try or phone is 866-431-bass. My suggestion. :)

  3. fishingful

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  4. Smallie Gene

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    Just call up there and say you had reservations for "Smith" and wait and see what they say. If they have a Smith, just go along with the first name and then go ahead and cancel and then call right back in a different voice and register for yourself in that spot that just opened. If Smith doesn't work try Davis, Anderson, Thomas, Allen or any other really common last names. Well...its works on the head boats.........................not sure about the small charters.

    Where is Reef Stalker out of??
  5. That is a great idea :) Reef Stalker Charters is out of Port Clinton. They actually called me back and was able to fit me in. Thanks for the info guys.
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    I have to admit... if I were going I would call a guy named Dick Rhode. He is excellent and will put you on fish. We have a great time everytime we go out with him. His website is under construction, but you can email him or call.

    Dick Rhode
    419-734-3784 Home
    419-341-3141 Cell is his email.

    Good Luck,

    Picture from our last trip with Dick! That is Dick with the beard, and Indiana Member Mike Wagner with the 28" 8lb. Walleye

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  7. DaleM

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    Reef Stalkers is always first class. We recommend them highly for any type of fishing. Also they are a sponser of this web site and that's what keeps it going. If you can at least give them a chance to see what they can do.