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    Last week I overheard a guy complaining about how Lake Erie fishing has changed over the last 30 years, and that things "just weren't like they used to be, the fishing isn't nearly as good as it was."

    No matter if that's really true or not.

    As a fisherman and scuba diver on Lake Erie with an environmental education & work experience, I've been studing and observing ecology and related topics for 35 years.

    I dove an area in Lake Erie two years ago in mid July. The rocks and boulders had a large amount of freshwater sponges on them, the most I've ever seen. I dove the same ara last year, mid July, and the number of sponges was much less than the previous year.

    What does that mean? On the surface (pun intended) there could be dozens of reasons for this.

    Always keep in mind that nature is a dynamic system, constantly changing. The only thing that remains constant is change.

    When I hear people talk about "how this & that isn't the same anymore," I just remind myself that nothing stays the same. Then I think "what would it be like if things didn't change." After awhile, not very exciting.

    The days you don't catch fish make the days you do all that more enjoyable.

    Try to appreciate what you currently have, make the most of it, and do what you can to prevent negative changes. You'll enjoy whatever it is you're doing much more.

    Lake Erie
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    Buick Riviera Willows and bass go together like beer and pizza.

    I am one of the guys who doesn't enjoy fishing the Big Lake as much as I did 30 years ago. It used to be a great jigging lake and fun to fish. Now it is great for a boat ride and dragging some boards and lures.

    The results of the boat ride approach are much better than anything I experienced as a jig fisherman but not as much fun. So the fishing is better but, well, the fishing isn't better IMO.


  3. Lake Erie is currently one of the premier jig fishing lakes in the country. If you try the early spring jig fishing you will be spoiled. You also can catch fish drifting on a lot of days the same with trolling, so the key to fishing this lake is to be versatile and try different strokes on different days and enjoy one of the great resources in our country. I have been fishing here over 35 years and it is one amazing lake
  4. I am not old enough to have fished it in the good old days but I really enjoy the days now. That said, wasn't the lake filthy and flameable in those "good old days"? Maybe I am wrong.
  5. There was a day when it was "filthy and flamable" but Lake Erie is a true sucess story. The Lake Erie Comission and the joint DNR's have done a superb job with it. It has consisently produced fish in tremendous numbers for over 40 years. Great job by all involved.
  6. To be honest, I can't begin to understand why anyone would drift fish anymore...but that is just me.

    After 5 hours of bobbing around and not catching much on Saturday, while we watched the trollers continually dip nets....I'm convinced...

    No more wormin' for me....I am sooooooooooo done with that type of fishing. I've fished the 80's-90's when drifting was still a good way to fill the cooler, and as recent as last year have been on a charter where we hammered the snot out of 'em on the drift...

    But in and day out...gimme some hardware and 2.5mph please.

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    I can remember going to Huron pier and the coal docks in Sandusky when I was kid (I am 31 now) and the water being covered in oil and dead fish with the stench of decay filling the air. Our surface waters are cleaner than they've been in 100 years, and those of you longing for "the good old days" can have them....