Lake Erie Bowfishing

Discussion in 'Bowfishing' started by longbowdude66, Jun 3, 2008.

  1. Hi all I am looking for any info on where to bowfish the big lake. I was told East Harbor would be a good place to start. This would be a day trip and would appreciate any input. We would be in a 14 foot Sea Nymph so the main lake would be out of the question. Also would we be just as far ahead to hit the Sandusky River and wade.

    Thanks Andy
  2. Carpn


    East Harbor is a good place to start. Try any of the rivers up there and your liable to find spawning fish anywhere.

  3. Thanks Carpn anybody else got any suggestions Im not looking to steal anyones hot spots I just dont want to go up and have it become a complete bust.
  4. Don't bowfish anymore - did it when I was younger though. I've never bowfished Erie - just creeks/lakes around OH, but I would try Sandusky Bay.

    I have seen some very large fish in the Bay and you should be able to negotiate much of it in that 14ft boat without worry. Watch out for rocks, etc. in the shallows.
  5. Thanks for the input It looks like sun the 22 we are going to go give East Harbor a try . I will post our results.
  6. Ok went up sunday started in East Harbor didnt pick up any fish. So took Carpns advice and hit the Portage River shot a few nice fish but the saturday rains had the water pretty stained which made it alittle tough. Thanks all that responded.