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  1. I plan on taking my gf down to Cumberland for a couple days in August and was wondering if anyone could give me any pointers, I've done a lot of fishing in Ohio, and California. I was wanting to learn new tactics to bring back to the home state any one have any suggestions on this Lake.
  2. What are you fishing for? I assume stripers?

  3. Well anything that bites really but will be running around looking for Stripers
  4. Im going striper fishing down at cumberland tomrrow, ill let you know how I do.
  5. Procraft, I sent you a pm.
  6. We fished for stripers in april and may. Use live shad trollin behind with planner boards and just straight line. Dont know if fish willbe up towards the top or not. Look for others with 3 or more people in a boat trolling and go behind. Take binacolors a take a peek. Good luck Swimbaits could be good also.
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    striperfreak stripes and smallies

    in august i would fish down line 35-55 feet down with live shad, shiners if need be, at the mouth of wolf creek, lily or indian. Prolly more like 35 feet. Also for bass drop shot off main lake points, or night fishing. Something that works for walleye and stripers is floating a light and dropping some shiners on the edge of light in main lake. Good luck, august is the toughest fishing month down there but still much better than our inland lakes here imho.
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    We went last year mid-august for a week long houseboat trip with 24 of my closest cousins... fun trip.

    Only fished for stripers one day - Went out by the dam at 4am and had a few in the box. Planer boards and the good ole rubberband/balloon trick straight off the back did the catching. Live shad was the bait we used.

    Taking our own boat down this year and should be fishing every morning or evening... will be planning on trying to use the same program as the last trip.

    If you have anything to share - I'd be grateful too... I am curious about what kind of line (steel or fireline or lead...) and hook size since we'll be using shad. I am also thinking that we may need steel leaders. never did it on my own before in KY - so I am really winging it - that's half the fun. But would be cool to get some in the cooler on my own!
  9. Went striper fishing last week with fair results. We caught 13 stripers total but 10 of them were short.(biggest went about 16 pounds.) We were using a 3 oz. egg sinker with a 6' leader with a live shad. Dropped the bait down at around 30' with the average depth being about 50'. Caught all fish in the wolf creek area.
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    jennis9 Fish against the fish...

    WalIkng, where did you get your shad?