Lake Cumberland

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  1. I'm going to be on a skiing trip to Lake Cumberland next weekend. I'm hoping to slip in some fishing ..... between the skiing. I don't think I'll have enough time to hire a Striper guide. I can either take my spinning reel or my fly rod. Any thoughts?


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    You can catch smallmouth and largmouth using tube jigs. But Stripers you have better success by trolling. Using live bait or striper jigs behind down riggers.

    Where are you staying? I am heading down on Friday the 27th and staying until July 6 at the State Park. I will be taking my boat and my riggers. Plan to fish for stripers and will need a fishing partner. I have hired striper guides in the past to learn how to fish the lake. We normally do pretty well.

    We will also be tubing and skiing.

  3. Wow, that's a very generous offer. However, the outing I'm on is sort of a "brothers-in-law" outing, so I can't really ditch the other guys. Plus, they're not fishermen. I just thought I might throw a line in the water every now and then when they're tired of skiing. Nonetheless, I do appreciate the offer. Good luck with the Stripers!

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    we went out with Greg Cory - and it was a great trip. Limited by 11am. We were near Grider Hill Dock and he came out to get us. I would recommend him over and over again.

    We're taking our boat down this year and hope to get some stripers. Let us know how you did when you get back. If he's not in the area you'll be in - ask him who he'd recommend. he's a good guy - we'd use him again.