Lake Cumberland

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  1. I'll be going to lake Cumberland in few weeks. Any ideas as what part of the lake to look for stripers? I plan on doing alot of crappie fishing but would also like to catch a few stripers. Also what methods will work for stripers this time of year?

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    i wnet when i was younger can't remeber where we fished but they used live suckers as the bait. we all limited out was a great time
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    if you can find 50 degree water in the backs of the creeks they may be caught on jigs, i like white grubs, 3 years ago in greasy creek in early march i caught 2 14 in crappies to be followed by 2 nice stripers, sunny day, white jig in the brush. shad is the best bait, jigs are better than shiners this time of year, most creeks are holding stripers,
  4. Thanks for the help guys,
    Are there any specific types of jigs people use for the stripers? grub size?
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    Also I would try Waitsboro in Somerset. Good Striper fishing there!!!
  6. This is a 2os spro bucktail. I like a heavier jig for a vertical presentation. Large grubs (5" or more)or shad or minnow body plastics work. Whatever style floats your boat. If I am casting I use a curlytail grub, vertical jigs get a jerkshad/minnow bait.

  7. Thanks jcrdust, I went ahead and ordered some of those jigs. As far as crankbaits go, has anyone ever done well trolling crankbaits such as Gizz-4 for stripers in the spring?
  8. Your best bet is live bait, jigs or heavy spoons. Trolling cranks can be tricky especially if the fish are holding deep. It is hard to troll cranks 80,90, 100 plus feet deep. The best bet I have seen trolling is with jigs like pictured above or larger or an umbrella rig on a downrigger. I personally haven't seen a striper caught trolling cranks but I am no expert.