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  1. I got back from kentucky saturday. We got nine stripers, only one was short. All the other stripers were in the nine pound to eighteen pound range. We missed a few fish (must have been 40lbs;) ). Stripers are still deep on the main lake most of our fish came around 80 ft on shiners in 100ft to 110ft of water . Shad are still deep, so no jumps yet. Water temp started at 75 degrees but droped three degrees with the weather that blew through the last couple days. The bite all but shut down thursday and friday.
    We marked a ton of fish in 35 to 65 ft range but they weren't on the feed. Bait was at a premium. Shad was impossible to catch and all the guides were using shiners. There were a few days that there were no shiners to be found at any baitshops up by griderhill. I even saw guys using bluegill for bait. If you could find bait you paid for it.
    My dad and I fished with sasser's guide service monday and had a limit in less than an hour. Learned alot from that guy. of your ever down there fishing and have trouble getting fish look him up.
    I didn't get a chance to fish for any black bass but I saw a ton of spots caught on topwater plugs all day long. They were caught on sheer cliff dropoffs away from the points. Hope this helps if anyone heads down.
    I hope to have more pocs later in the week.
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    nice report - sounds like a great week, nice fish. those stripers sure are fun to catch aren't they?

    make sure to write down your trip in a journal... they'll most likely be in the same place next year. did you use any of the tips I sent along? was wondering if you used balloons. anything I should know - send em a pm (if you got great tips from lance). thanks!

    Glad you had fun with sasser - definately worth the money. you have to book him early - he's almost impossible to get in august! we went with lance once and greg cary (ky trophy fishing) and caught limits with both and were back at the docks early.

  3. They all came on down rods with 3oz sinkers. We set out balloons and planerboards but got no hits on them.