Lake Cumberland report

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  1. Team Smack went to lake Cumberland right before Christmas for some striped bass fishing. We were using prototype lures and deep diving Gizz 4's. I got a 21 lb striper on the prototype when the stripers were in the jumps. Todd hooked up on a nice striper on a prototype jigging spoon but it came unhooked. We did some night fishing using Red Head deep diving Gizz 4's. We had a bunch of hits and Todd was able to put 5 short stripers and one 12 lb striper in the boat. Of course we didn't have a camera but did take some pictures on the cell phone. They didn't turn out very good so I'm not posting them here. If anyone is interested in seeing the pictures you can check them out on
  2. Will be going to the cabin(beaver creek) soon.What area were you fishing.


  3. Whats the water levels like now?
    Plan on going in April.