Lake Cumberland KY striper report 12/5-12/7

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  1. Went to Lake Cumberland for our anual striper trip. We found stripers in the jumps the first day and caught 3. Got three more after dark. The next day the weather changed and put the stripers down. We did catch two stripers after dark on Gizz 4's. We went to the mouth of another creek arm and found the stripers in the jumps again. We chased this school for 3 hrs as they just wouldn't stop until the sun went down. We tried several different lures but only caught stripers on a Gizz 3. Fished that night in the same area and got two more on deep diving Gizz 4's. Here's a picture of one of the junps stripers.

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  2. PontoonPappy

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    Super fish!
    Thanks for an excellent report.

    My bride and I like to fish for white bass "in the jumps" on our home lake. I'll think of your picture next time I hook one of those 10" white bass.


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    Very nice striper!
    What does "in the jumps" mean?
  4. nice fish! What does in the jumps mean? How much is the water down from normal pool?
  5. "In the Jumps" means the stripers are feeding on the surface. We had stripers boiling, tail slapping, and throwing water all around our boat. The stripers can be very selective and you would think that in the midst of all that activity they would hit anything. They would only hit a lure close to the size of the shad. Right now it seems the stripers are keyed in on small 2 or 3 inch shad. They wouldn't hit a straight retrieve either. The lure had to be cast to a "boil" and then twitched back to the boat. I had one striper chase my lure to the boat. That was cool to see. I 've fished Lake Cumberland for at least 16 yrs and have only seen the jumps three times and two of them were on this trip. I think something has changed because of the draw down. There are more threadfin shad than I've ever seen before. I think the threadfins are liking the new conditions and the alwives aren't. The threadfins stay close to the surface and the alwives like it deep.
  6. very nice. how much did that thing weigh?
  7. Great fish !!
    Gotta love the jumps they are awesome when it happens
    Never fished the fall at LC always in May
    We always had our best luck fishing the jumps on Rebel Jumping Minnows in the blue back
    can"t wait to get back down there
    Have a Great Holiday
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    Nice fish!!!!! I've been going to Norris scene 92 and fishing from 96 and have seen and landed them as their in their feeding mode many times and it's still a thrill for me.I use planers and down riggers as well as flat lines and have had the best luck on planers over the years.