Lake Choctaw

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  1. Looks like I might have an opportunity to fish at Lake Choctaw this weekend. I have heard good things regarding bass, crappie and wipers. Can anybody give me some more general guidelines? Since it is private, do I need a pass to fish or am I okay as long as I am with a resident? What's the bottom like? Muddy? Sandy? Amount of structure?

    Any help is appreciated...
  2. if you are with a resident you are safe-if you are taking a boat it must have choctaw stickers on it,which are provided to residents for their boats only.crappie fishing doesn't get any better than here,nice wipers and nice largemouth.if crappie fishing,try concentrating on the metal boat lifts and rocky shoreline areas in the upper end of the lake(find the spillway,head to your left,go back in where all the houses are and hit these areas,the come out heading back toward the spillway and go right back into a big cove before the main lake-fish about 12-20" deep,crappie jigs with waxxie or minnow,largemouth in the same areas.this place is loaded with crappie! good luck.

  3. I'll do the best I can for you. The bottom is more or less mudded over, with the occasional rocky area, and of course many docks for structure. Many docks also have sunken Christmas trees that really hold Crappie in both size an numbers. What Wiper are left hang out at the deep end along the rip-rap bank on the north end by he dam. Most guys that get in to the bounce rattle traps off the rocks or really slow roll a spinner bait to get the same effect. Bass will hold to any bank deviation or dock along the outsides.
    I usually fly fish it myself so not much help on lures, but I do have my best luck on natural colored streamers with a little flash, so a spinner bait with a natural colored skirt and gold blade would likely do the trick. Regardless of what you are after I do not even bother trying out on the main body of the lake...too much traffic and may even be a rule against it. I have my best luck in the two northwest fingers of the lake. Less traffic, no wake, old house with old docks...equals bigger fish. Enjoy your time out there but be careful. 800 houses = 800 boats and they will likely all be out this weekend.
  4. I will be with a resident who also has a boat, so I should be safe. I think I will mostly be fishing from the dock due to the boat traffic this weekend. Coincidentally I think we are on one of the northweast fingers mike mentioned. It looks to be the finger to the south that looks like a "Y". I have fished there before, but only with my toddler son and a Batman rod.:)
    It was a tease for me, but hooked him for life as he caught his first catfish.

    Anxious to give it a go with my tackle! Thanks for the help!