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    Looking for some help to find a place for a vacation next summer on Lake Champlain. Would like it in the Auburg area. I heard of a place called Henry's. Does anyone know this area at all. Thanks!!!!
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    You have it right! Henrys Sportsmans Cabins. It is in South Alburg, Vt. Great people. Bob and Gwen Brown. e-mail address is 14 cabins on a sheltered part of the lake. Farthest run we made the last two years was a mile. Caught a ton of fish including some big small mouth and some great pike. We always go up the 4th of july week. Great weather and great fishing. They usually go south after October, so get hold of them now. Many of their guests have been coming for 20 years or more. Good dock with electric. Ramp is a little tough, very shallow. You usually end up with your truck out in the lake. (Just a beach ramp). Not much in the area as far as restuarants, etc. You have to get groceries as you are coming in on 11. There is a strip mall on the left just after you cross I-87. There is a big grocery store there.
    Cabins are simple. No TV or radio. We took an XM radio and a laptop with some movies. You take all your own paper stuff, toilet paper included. Rates are about $650 a week with a $50 dock fee. Linens - towells and sheets are $15 for the week. 1 to 3BR cabins. We always get the 3BR. Lots of room. He has gas there, but you are ahead to fill up just after you cross the Vt. line at Rouses Point. Some restaurants there. We did really well with small spinner baits run just above the grass and anything that looks like a shad. The Berkley shad minnows (the LPT stuff) on a jig head drive the big blue gills crazy. And glass shad raps do great. Any place you can find a point with grass where you can get in about 6 feet of water and run the bait just above the grass will get you strikes. Sometimes the lake gets very rough. The area at Henrys is sheltered behind the island and an old railroad causeway. Always somewhere to get out of the wind. Not too much rec boat traffic in the area. At times you have the lake to yourself. You can reach me at if you want more info. I can send you their website and pictures if you like.