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Lake Cable - 4th July

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Jackfish, Jul 6, 2004.

  1. Strange weekend of fishing... visit my brother at lake Cable & go for some catfish. Only about an hour in & a drag in a 13.4lb channel (my 2nd best!). This was about the fattest fish I have ever seen, couldn't figure out what it was doing...holding it up for the picture & it starts having bowel movements of seaweed all over the boat...not just a little, but a heck of a lot. It was apparently gorging on something? that was in the seaweed. About an hour later I drag in another channel, this one at 8.5lbs, same thing, stuffed with seaweed & also having bowel problems all over the boat. We are also catching alot of bullhead that are full of seaweed? What the heck - I have never seen this before - is this normal? Any idea what they would have been eating?

    Anyway I'm thinking wow - only a couple hours in & two nice fish - this is going to be awesome. Now what confuses me is my father shows up the next day & I'm telling him about the great fishing & we take him out - fishing blows. Nothing changed, same timing, same temp, same baits, same (& other) locations without much success at all - even the bullheads where not biting. Same thing the next night also - nothing hitting. I couldn't figure out what shut them off, same conditions 3 nights & a row & two of the nights fishing was bad.

    Other stuff - got a 3 1/2lb largemouth & also a 3 1/2 lb walleye while cat fishing - nice surprise. Something strange happened - being a bit overzealous I was using a sucker that was almost 12 inches long as bait the last night - my bobber started acting strange but I assumed (incorrectly) that is was the huge piece of baits swimming around. When I bring it in the sucker had chew marks up 8 1/2 inches on both sides. Do cats usually play with fish much before eating them? It had to be a large fish otherwise it couldn't have had such a big sucker down it's throat - why would a cat shove that much food down it's throat & then swim away without eating it? Drove me nuts, I spent the whole night thinking I probably just missed my biggest cat.

    Good fishing but I couldn't figure out the cats.

    Tried to attach photos but having problems with it.
  2. ParmaBass

    ParmaBass Kiss The Converse

    I grew up on Lake Cable. Can't remember ever having a slow day out there on the Bass. That was 15 years ago though. Have also caught a few really nice Cats out of there. They still have the trapeze at the beach area?

  3. Trapeze? Not that I now of - they do have a big swing rope of there - pretty cool on the 4th, they shoot the fireworks out over the water.