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    does anyone have any info on a pond that sets between lakengren and 127. If you go to aerial image on mapquest go south east from lakengren towards 127. Also is lakengren public fishing or private.
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    Lakengren is a private gated community. In order to fish it you have to either live out there or know somebody that does. Cannot take your boat if permission is granted either, already tried. I know there is a pond in the Lakengren community, but only ever heard of a few smaller gills caught. No way to get a day pass out there either. And personally, I wouldn't fish the main lake any time during the day. It gets PACKED and traffic is crazy!!! Tucked away in a smaller cove fishing for crappie is about all you will have luck with. I have caught decent numbers, just not much size over the past couple years. I would say go somewhere else, perhaps Acton.

  3. The pond/lake you might be seeing is the boy scout camp not open to the public, I help give Fly fishing lessons there each summer and can fish it when i am there, loaded with stunted fish, but lots of them, great for scouts learning how to fish

  4. there is another pond north of the boy scout camp between Lakengren and 127 but it is private and land is owned by a company so they do not let anyone fish it.
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    When i was younger, i fished there alot, as too my uncle living there...

    I lost a pole there, and then i realized drag or not, "DO NOT EVER LEAVE YOUR POLE, UNATTENDED!!!)

    I Was 10... lol

    Good fishing, but... they're always so over crowded!!!