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Wow, what a fun season. I've been fortunate enough to travel around the state again this season and fish and camp at lots of location. And I've really had some fun. And I've met lots of people out on the water.

Salt Fork was lake number thirty. And Piedmont was lake thirty-one.

Salt Fork - I camped at Salt Fork State Park Wednesday night after an evening of bass fishing. I caught a handful of small bass on mid-diver (Red) crankbaits and a few on the JignDreamCraw on Wednesday evening. And I only caught a few small bass on Thursday morning. But I did catch a big white bass. It was either a white bass or a wiper? The water at Salt Fork was dirty.

Piedmont - On Thursday afternoon I left Salt Fork and headed to the Piedmont Marina & Campground. I met my friend/client Chris Hunter and we went on a quick half-a-day evening trip. The fishing was slow to say the least. But we did manage a mixed bag of (small) smallies & largies. Our crankbaits had to have some red color or we wouldn't get bit.
After spending the night at the marina rental rooms/hotel. I went back out Friday afternoon and caught a handful of smallies and largies on both drop-shots and crankbaits. But my best bass came in less than 2ft. of water on a Zara Spook late in the evening.

My friend caught this nice channel cat on his Rapala crankbait.


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