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  1. Planning on trying LaDue Sat. mornin for bass. I havent fished this lake in over 20 yrs. Could anyone offer some advice on what areas to start in , and what lures to start with? Just want to have some fun with my son (no hi pressure competition fishing.) We have a good topo map but really dont know where to begin, it all looks promising. Besides bass how is the Walleye or Crappie fishing here? What about these areas and lures? Thanks in advance

  2. If you want walleye, fish the old river beds. Most people prefer the north end around the dam for walleye but I have been more successful in the south end--south of 422. I troll the riverbed areas with a spinner on one line and a crankbait on the other. I landed a 5 lb walleye this morning and several crappies--not much size to them though-- all on a small orange Norman crankbait. I'm not a bass fisherman so can't help you there though I've accidentally caught a few bass every year on crankbaits trolling for walleye.There are many( overloaded with)white perch that will constantly steal your nightcrawlers. good luck -Skip