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  1. Brother and I fished ladue yesterday afternoon in the rain for a couple hours,was disappointed to see the water level down a good 3 feet.ended up with 5 bass, biggest being 16 inches and one nice crappie all on shallow running cranks,all the fish went back into the drink.I cant understand with all the rain we have had this winter and spring why they have the water level down so far already :mad: it po`s me to no end.besides the water level it was a beautifull afternoon :D
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    Since Akron caught hell over water discharge at Lake Rockwell, they use LaDue and East Branch as nothing more than water holding tanks. If they need water in Lake Rockwell, they dump LaDue And East Branch (they both flow into the Cuyahoga - Rockwell). :( :( :(

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    I was there last week and was pretty disappointed that they are already lowering the water level, even though were close to 6" above average in the rainfall department this year so far. Seems like the whole 2006 season they didn't mess with the water levels at all until late Fall. Why all of a sudden are Ladue and East Branch Lake Rockwells B$tch?

    I'm a chronic complainer when it comes to Ladue's water level. I guess I just don't understand the whole picture. Especially after seeing East Branch last year, that was a sad sight! LaDue was LOW last April and just kept getting lower throughout the season.

    Doesn't this fluctuation this time of year affect the spawn at all?
  4. The extremely low water levels affected duck & goose hunting badly at Ladue last year. Dragging your boat across mud flats is a ton of fun!
    The duck population was very scarce too...I guess I'll have to start peeing in the water more- maybe Akron won't like it as much. :)
  5. Im curious about the spawn...if they have pulled it and kept it down consistantly should be ok.

    I'm "educatedly" guessing here...but... remember that water stink problem Akron had a couple of years ago, their resolve of controlling alge growths plays into the drawdown scenerios of ladue and others. The alge was the stink prob. and this was the answer last year too.

    They make no bones about it, water quality is top priority in their decision making heck with the environmental and economic impacts.

    I almost appreciate their no BS approach...

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    Was that 2006 when the water stunk? I remember it, just can't remember how long ago it was. That would be a "couple years" I guess. That was a great year fishing on Ladue and my water in Parma was just fine, lol.

    I used to have problems with my old boat when the water levels dropped, so I got a flat bottomed boat! Well, last week I got stuck in my flat bottomed boat trying to get into a

    Problem unresolved at this point!
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    yeah this really pisses me off also..i t hink it totally screws up the bass spawn. but you really cant find fish in spots you did in the past because they are ffffin dry..!!!
  8. if a significant drop came outa the blue in prime spring, or it was going up and down during prime spawn times it could be VERY bad for bass spawn.

    but...from what I have heard this year (I dont get out much anymore:( ) it has stayed consistantly lower, about right after our first qualifier, obviously there hadn't been any huge movements prior to this time:p They'll at least get a chance to spawn

    The impact now will most likely be in lack of cover for hatchlings to make it to fingerling size- making just an average class year, opposed to 05' and 06' which subjectively I would say as AWESOME!

    I'm anxious to see the overall shocking numbers. Div.of Wildlife put LaDue on last year as a "trophy" bass lake and will sample more frequently than other bodies, giving more relative data to compare spawns and class year survival. They collected more than one survey last year.

    LaDue has the genes and forage base to keep it at mythical levels of bass catching storytelling ;)

    Lower water levels just keeps more away from the fabled ramp problems:p

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    Don't be too concerned about the water level at LaDue.They had to drop the water level at Rockwell 2 weeks ago too to put the boards on the dam.Rockwell is now at summer pool and LaDue will be the same soon.Just to make sure, I'll call the water plant tomorrow and let you know what I find out.The fine folks that make these decisions could care less about the bass fishing,or any other fish for that matter. It's all about the amount of water Akron needs for its customers $$$$$$$$$$$$$$........Mark
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    Akron has raped the Cuyahoga watershed since it became a city.
    They behave as if all the water that is in the Cuyahoga is theirs to do what they want with. They will use/abuse the river and her tribs however they see fit. Environmental impacts and wildlife habitat are a minor secondary concern to
    the city, and I highly doubt they even considered the impact on spawning fish

    Sad, but true.....
  11. Agreed. They should be required to have their poop plant upstream instead of downstream from the city. They would probably work harder to clean the river below their plant if the result floated thru city limits. Cleveland dumps from their poop plants and the river flowing thru the city and/or the lakefront is affected. Akron dumps raw sewage and the city of Cleveland is affected. Would be nice to be able to fish the 'hoga in the CVNP without having to worry about coming in contact with the water.
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    Another good point. I'd bet Akron also has the oldest, out of date plants on the river. Even Cleveland's N.E.Sewer Plant is a very modern (clean) facility.