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  1. I need some help with LaDue. Ive never taken my boat out their before and dont know a whole lot about the lake. EX) old road beds, stumps weeds, or anything like that. My friends and i want to go out one of these weekends and want to catch some bass hopefully. Anything is much appreciated so see ya out there and thanks.

    we all around 16 and will be in a 14ft aluminum boat so say hi

    good luck

  2. ParmaBass

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    Go North for old road beds and South for stumps and weeds. Take alot of batteries if it's your first time, it's a BIG lake for being electric only.
  3. Does the north end near the dam have smallies.
    And thanks so much for the help. :)
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    Yep, if you're going to target smallmouth that would be a good place to start. It's a long ride though, just another warning about the batteries, it would be a LONG row back in!
  5. That dam looks alot closer than it acutal it, It takes around 40 minutes to get there, if i am not mistaken.
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    It used to take me about 1/2 hour to get to the dam. That was with both motors and no head wind. I was going about 4mph.

    You do not want to get caught up there if the wind starts howling from the south with dead batteries. What makes it even worse is when one of the oars on the rental boat breaks:eek: It is a very long walk down Valley road to go get help.:eek:
  7. backyard- checkout the web history on ladue from our events, some stories to be told, and not all are lies :p

    Can give you some seasonal starts at least...

    I have heard recently of some AWESOME smallie eatn'- too amazing to report on a public forum as no one would belive it :C

  8. Bassin- if you launch north of 422 it shouldn't take too long to get to the damn- there is good smallies over there and my cousin actually landed a 32 inch walleye fishing for bass. WARNING- you will most likely run into white perch- they are annoying and relentless. Also when launching north of 422 it should be noted that it is very shallow and my inexperienced little brother actually cracked a prop over there.....Also as bigdaddy said make sure you have enough battery to get back.....i normally expend two deepcycle batteries in a day up there......
  9. it doesnt matter if you go north or south, you wont be disappointed;)
  10. is their only the two launch sites or is their more somewhere else.
  11. if im not mistaken there is just two
  12. if you go way south all the way to auburn rd. there is another one next to the bridge
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    There's another ramp by Auburn Rd. but it's not for big boats. It's more suitable for walking a canoe or kayak out.

    And it will take you at least 30 minutes to get to the Dam, and that's with a 80lb thrust trolling motor on the back and a 40 on the bow. I'll typically go through 6 big deep cycle batteries out there during a tournament.
  14. I launched my 14' at auburn last week with no problems.
  15. The trailer didnt fit right? or did you just carry it.
  16. trailer fit just fine. Parking is somewhat limited. launch on the side with the parking lot.
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    Where's the fishing report!!??
  18. what fish? if you count the pike and the 10# carp that i hooked in the dorsal fin with my lipless, that took me 10 minutes to get in! no green fish for me. I did however put a nice cut in my transducer wire as i was going 4.9mph and hit a shallow flat in the middle of the river! ouch!!
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    That kinda stuff will happen when you have 200lbs of thrust! Last tournament you could of towed in 4 boats if you had to!