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  1. I went to ladue today, It was probably one of my best days on ladue during the ice season. I started out slow, the vex really helped me locate structure. I moved around every 5 minuets or so until i found a good hole. I caught around 40+ fish in the 6 hr period that I was there most were small but i did get a couple nice size crappies, gills, and white perch. I was catching them all on the jigs/bodies that i poured. Which were 1/80oz roundhead jig with white glow heads, and a clear,flake bodie. most of the guys out there were using minnows and they weren't producing well. I made my first stop at eastbranch, the ice there was horrible, water everywhere on top and only 2 inches at the spot I drilled.:D :D
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    thanks for the report pep....sounds like an awesome day!