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  1. I'm new to this site and was wondering if anyone had any tips. I primarily fish for steelhead and bass. I just got my boat running and the only motor i have for it is an electric motor. I have been primarily fishing ladue just because its close and the electric motor factor. i"ve caught some nice bass but am trying to catch some walleye. What is a good way to fish for eyes there. I know it hasn't been too good but what should i use to raise my chances of catching them. Is there anywhere else i can go with an electric motor that is good for eyes and wont take forever to get to the spots. Any advice will help, and if anyone knows of a decent outboard for sale that would also help. thanks and good luck fishing. Its almost steelhead time.
  2. Never fished Ladue so can't help there. Check out the Marketplace forum on this site. There are usually some people with motors for sale. Bye the way, welcome to the site. There are several people on here that can help with Ladue.

  3. They got a 33 incher out of there this week. He was trolling my friend told me at the baitshop. Troll the baits a 8 to 10 foot down over the channels and deeper water. Kick the speed up a bit. You will be busy with white perch but you will be rewarded. They are getting some nice ones in the 18 to 20 inch range. The big fish was caught between the 422 and 44 section. I like the dam side. Reds work good there with black stripes. Some fish caught around the weeds still but bring 10 dozen worms!!!!!!!! white perch. Try some bigger baits also. There are some nice fish in there.

    Good luck!
  4. Steelhead... you keep fishn' ladue your goona have to change your name!!!

    Checkout the entire webhistory of our events the past 7 years. Back when I had more time I wrote all the "details" of the winning patterns from the day, for the bass side of things at least!!! Some have reproted it to have helped:rolleyes:

    Here's a taste of an AWESOME bite from last Saturday...2.75lb PER FISH average!!! Those might be big green fish eatn' your worms Tigger!!!:p