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Ladue ?

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by portabote jim, Jun 19, 2004.

  1. I'm going to Ladue tomorrow morning for my Father's day present! I've not fished there and will be w/ a 7 year old. Therefore, I was hoping for some info on where, what and how to fish it. Personally, I'd like to get some Walleye or Bass, but w/ a 7 year old, I'm looking for getting something and enough hits to keep his interest. Are there spots that are easier for panfish?

    Any advice on the above is appreciated. Is there a bait shop near thats open early Sundays? Thank you
  2. zipperneck52

    zipperneck52 fished with Noah

    If you're putting a small boat in I'd suggest the ramp South of 422 on 44. A little shallower, but you won't drop off the world launching[ramp sucks at boathouse..BIG TIME].
    You have a lot of small coves upriver with weedbeds and wood. Plenty of bass and panfish in the area. My wife's 3.5lbr is there. Put a 4 or 6 inch worm in camo or watermelon on the boy's hook and work the outside edges of the weeds. The backs of the coves and pockets should load up the boy's rod with LM of all sizes. Lots of bluegill in these areas too.
    Good luck and take pictures. P.S. I'm assuming you are taking your son. If I'm wrong I apologise and still wish lots of fish for your daughter.

  3. Thanks for the info! We killed it on Sunday morning going off the route 44 launch. Caught some nice bass, but really couldn't stop pulling out big bluegills, smallish yellow perch and some fairly big white perch. The gills were much larger than I expected. I've fished Mog before and these were as good a match as any I've caught there.
  4. I should have followed your example. I went out north from the 422 ramp and there was a brisk southerly wind with whitecaps everywhere. I hooked a nice LM bass between 3-4 lbs near the willows on the west side using a colorado blade spinner. It was comical with the wind blowing me into the shore, trying to control the boat and my cell phone rings. I lost the fish but I wasn't going to keep him anyway. Almost made funniest home videos! Started looking for crappies later but hooked a 14 1/2 inch smallmouth instead on the east side using a small white twister tail. Lot of fun on the ultralight. The route 44 ramp would have probably been a better bet with the wind direction. :eek:
  5. Dingo


    Fish the 422 bridge on the side opposite where the wind is coming from (where water goes below the road). Cast to the bridge and let the wind push the bait back to you. Fish stack up there waiting for stuff to get blown through. Current will be like a river at times. Also provides a wind break.
  6. sometimes sticking it out in the wind will pay off....especially against those rocks. anytime i'm out and there's a decent wind i'll fish the side of the causeway/dam/shore that the wind in blowing into with a spinnerbait. i hate wind but sometimes it's worth it, its produced a lot of bass for me atleast...goodluck
  7. When the wind is blowing into them, the dam and causeway can be the best spots on the lake. ;)