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  1. I got a pm from people of the perch but since i don't have 5 posts i can't reply to him. I 'll give ya info as best i can on location and structure. thanks sean
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    Great, What is the report? Looking to go to LaDue on Saturday. Otter Lodge house, but will only be in it if it rains!

  3. what are you looking to fish for? I caught a ton of 6-7 inch gills and some real nice crappies. I'm going to fish there sunday if you want to meet up
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    What time on Sunday you plan on going? I absolutely suck on the ice at LaDue, I could use a few pointers out there!!
  5. i plan on going around 8am till dark
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    You fishing on the North end I assume? What kind of shanty do you have? I have a Green Eskimo flip, might not be flipped though if the temps are up!
  7. No i fish the south end between 422 and 44. While fishing this summer i found a big stump field off the channel in 12-14 fow. I did really well on crappie and gills there . I'll be fishing in a blue clam guide or scout it really depends on the snow.
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    I think I know where your talking about. How do you access that area without walking under the bridges?
  9. i park at 44 and cut across the street through the woods to the big bay