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  1. I am looking for information (e.g. experiences, patterns, etc.) on Walleye fishing at Ladue.

    I have heard for years that Ladue has BIG WALLEYE and is a great fishery for Walleye.

    Any info about Ladue walleye fishing, or conversation would be greatly appreciated!
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    ya, i have been wanting to know the same thing..

  3. Yes the Ladue fishing for walleyes can be very good at times.

    This upcoming year should be very good for the fish in the 18 to 22" range. There was a period when the stocking of the walleyes had stopped for several years. They have been stocking again for the last two years now.

    One of the major problems with fishing for the walleyes in the late spring and early summer is the white perch poplulation. They are every where out there. The two species tend to be together. The old days you could go out with two dozen worms and have a ball. Now you need at least 10 dozen to have a chance with running worm harnesess.

    The fish tend to move to the west as the summer progresses. In the early spring you will find them in shallower water along rocks and such. When the weeds start to form they will not be far away. In the real hot.......... dog days of summer they will suspend in the open water with a fast paced troll running baits 8 to 12 foot down. I am talking like 3 mph or faster.
    In the fall you can catch them passing thru the bridges while fishing for the crappies. Most people don't search the deep water under the crappies. you would be suprised what is passing through.
    Over-all you cannot go wrong fishing the deep drop-offs along weed edges close to the deeper water. The walleyes there are spooky so be stealthy. If you are very quiet you can sit over top of them with success.

    The mystery has been the ice-fishing for them there. I hear of guys catching them now and then but not ever really getting into them. I have seen them on my underwater camera a bunch of times but they seem more interested in the camera than the bait.

    I hope this helps a little.
  4. I appreciate you sharing your experience.

    I have heard a lot about "how good the fishing can be."

    Anyhow, I going to keep asking and trying!

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    I must Agree that there are some nice walleye in Ladue. I caught a very nice 23 inch walleye standing under the Route 44 bridge two years ago while crappie fishing in the early spring. I was using a little 2 inch chartruese twister tail jig and he actually hit the jig in a foot of water about two feet from me as i was reeling the jig in. It was late around 7:30 or 8:00. But they are in there you may have to do a little searching to really get into them though or check with bait shop there they may be able to offer you more info as to the particulars of what, where and when the are biting.
  6. I have to be honest. In terms of Ladue being a great fishery for walleye I would not get your hopes up. I live 15 min from Ladue and I love walleye fishing as it is my favorite but I still drive to other lakes that are over an hour away b/c it seems I waste my time at Ladue and catch plenty in other inland lakes. I have fished there all types of seasons with all types of presentations including: trolling lead line, jigging, flatlining, night fishing in early spring, drifting harnesses, etc. You name it I have probably tried it. I catch maybe one per year there. At one point I was determined to figure the lake out for walleye but now I have figured out it is just a waste of time for walleye. Great crappie though!
  7. Thank-you, Marhsall!

    I am trying to get to the bottom of many years of stories I have heard about Ladue's Walleye fishery. I really, really take a-lot of stock in your opinion since you live so close. They way I figure it if there were a ton 'O eyes in Ladue you would be there.

    you mentioned that you go to "other" lakes. Are the Mosquito? Westbranch?

    For one reason or another I really want to get into eyes in some of our other lakes besides the big one.

    Which other lakes??

  8. I would suggest Berlin in May, Walleyes are in the willows shallow.
  9. My largest non-Erie eye, a fat C&R 27", came frome Ladue. Dragging a hot-n-tot in the weeds mabe 6 years ago.
  10. I myself have spent some time fishing eyes at Ladue. I struggled on many occasions. But while fishing a bass event last year, I saw a guy net 2 in the time it took me to pass by.(electric motor) I had a chance to talk or shout back and forth with this guy for about 3 minutes. He mentioned doing well and taking decent numbers last year. Both fish I saw get netted looked to be 20-24 inches. This was between the bridges(422-44) He seemed pumped and confident about what he was doing!!!
  11. I tried about 2-3 years ago to really target them, I did 28 hours of trolling before I got one.
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    Just go fish the weed edges and act like you're targeting Bass! You'll get some! I've got some pretty nice Walleye out there while Bass Fishing, most of them came South of 422.
  13. as for other places inland, its a trek but if your ever out west check out findlay reservoir #2. lots of walleye. they bite really good on chartruese cranks and traps along the north rocks. caught 8 over 26 inches in 2 summers of bass fishing ;) also got alot of smaller ones
  14. Northcoastfishchaser, despite the grim news this year on pymatuning it remains one of my favorite lakes. We did very well this year there. We did not catch a walleye under 22". We took a 3 day trip out there in July of this year and didnt even fish the 3rd day b/c we had more than we needed. I also like mosquito but you wont get the large fish. In early spring Milton or Berlin are a lot of fun. Dont get me wrong, I think Ladue has very nice fish and if you really know what you are doing you can get them. In fact I had a buddy ask me this year to go out over the summer and I agreed. Within 15 min he caught a nice 24 incher drifting harnesses. The wind kicked up and ruined the trip buy I am convinced that I am bad luck there.
  15. ...marshal45....Sounds like Pymatuning has come around ...When I was working I had a friend who had a cottage up there...went up every weekend fishing ...had trouble catching a legal fish...Glad to hear you did so well...
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  16. Crappielover, I know what you mean. Even up to 5 years ago we would jig and it seemed the fish were always 14.75 inches with the occasional 16. The past couple of years are different. You should see some of the ones we got out of there. In fact there is a picture of some of the fish we caught in a morning trip this year hanging in the baitshop by the campground. There are 3 fish ohios in that picture. We bought a purple hot n tot the night before from there and caught 2 nice ones on it so we gave them a picture.
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    It is great when you are catching nice sized fish but if no smaller fish are being caught along with them it is not a good sign.
  18. I agree Big Daddy. I did recently read somewhere that the samples they took from Pymatuning had a nice batch of small walleye. Not sure when they took the samples but I know it was recent.
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    Definately a good sign for that lake.:)