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  1. Anyone have any updates on Ladue. I haven't taken the boat out there lately and thinking about hitting it this weekend. Whats eveyone catching besides the white perch.
  2. Nothing. I was out there Tue. night for a couple hours and didnt catch a thing except for white perch. It has been a tough year for me on Ladue.

  3. FishOn, I was out there two weeks ago and got a dozen nice crappie back in one of the bays, nothing near shore, everything up high in 6-7 foot of water. I'm sure they are shallow spawning now.
  4. Does anyone know if the bait store on the corner is still open.[ one stop bait ? ] Phone # ? I need to go fishing tommorrow. Thanks.
  5. Thanks for the updates guys. I think I might try getting out tomorrow after work for some crappies and cast the weeds for some eyes. I'm hoping to get a lot of fishing in this weekend at Ladue, East Branch, Punderson, & Skeeter. I'll let you know how it goes. Bluefinn heres the number for the bait shop 440-834-2248. They'll be open.
  6. Thanks fishon, went out there this morning & caught over 100 gills. Kept about 50 of the biiggest ones. Just finished cleaning them. They are either spawning or close to it. Fished the windy east side & water was murky & couldn't see any beds, but they were all shallow, hitting good & the bigger males were squirting. It always blows like crazy when I'm on this lake. Battery went dead & did some serious rowing to get back in . Time for a beer. Good fishing.
  7. Went Friday (took the day off) and had most of it to myself. Definitely the time to go - caught a ton of crappie and bluegills in shallow water. Couldnt cast without either hitting. Had some real nice sized too - particularly one very big gill. I honestly thought I had a bass on.
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    question about the white perch. have never caught one, but are they edible? are they edible as the yellows? thought i read once where they are not even in the same family.
  9. Got out Sat. a little late and nothing was really bitting. There was a bass tourney going on and a lot of boats. Every bay had boats in it. I really couldn't get in there and I didn't want to mess anyones fishing up. Hit Punderson Sun. morning and slammed the gills and some nice black crappie in the shallows with structure. Hit skeeter sun. night and the bite started to pick up around 2 am but left cause my brother had to work. Managed 4 nice crappie. All in all good weekend.
  10. Went out Sunday 5/27 from 5:30 am to 4pm after some walleye. Have not had much luck this year at ladue for walleye so we wanted to spend some time fishing them hard using many presentations in all different depths. We caught 0 walleye, 16 white perch, 5 crappie, and a few gills. Definately time to find another walleye lake. We were supposed to go to Pymatuning for the weekend on a trip and a buddy cancelled out on us so we didnt go. In the meantime while on Ladue we had a fella from the City fishing survey ask us some questions. He said that they were slaughtering the walleye on Pymatuning and getting nice sized ones. We left ladue very upset that we did not take our trip to Pymatuning and vowing never to go back to ladue for walleye unless we have some solid evidence. This vow will probably hold up for at least 2 more days.
  11. Yeah we had the same vow also and yes it only lasted a couple days. This has been a tough year so far at Ladue. Everything besides bass fishing has gone to hell. It was not like we used to catch an eye every cast but we never got skunked either. I went to East Branch for the first time about 3 weeks ago and thought it was a really nice lake. I think I'm going to concentrate fishing that lake and Punderson for a while.
  12. Please take Marshall 45's report with a grain of salt. I went walleye fishing with him last week off the rocks at E72nd. That guy fished with a piece of cheese 2 foot under a bobber from 9pm until midnight (with a straight face mind you).
  13. You are the one that gave me that advice. It didnt work for walleye but I caught my share of carp! LOL
  14. An inside report. I have not fished the lake since the spring. The time is here to go. Let me tell you that it at the best it has been in 3 years for the walleyes. I know some people that caught thier limits of walleyes this past weekend. They are not going to say much but if you can stay aroung the weeds it will pay off. At times if you find the right weed bed it can be remarkable. The big stocking of the walleyes 3 years ago is coming into harvest. many of the fish are 18-20" range. Don't be afraid to move around and try spots. You will know right away if the fish are there. I am talking in the first 1/2 hour or less. If you find whitebass in the weeds the walleyes are there. It is a pain to deal with those buggers but the walleyes are close. Don't be afraid to move. I watch guys sit in the same spot for hours. Sure the walleye will come sometime.

    This time of year there are active feeders almost 24/7. Also don't be afraid to troll the edges of the weeds and hit them. Some people don't want to deal with the weeds on the bait. Use a braid and snap it off with a clean jerk. Alot of times when it rips off it will stop again but not from weeds. Just set the hook. Good luck. I may start to hit it next week.