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  1. Am I allowed to fish from the shore near the Washington Street boat dock?
  2. Nope all shore fishing there has to be on either the causway on Rt.422 or Rt.44.

  3. Is there any parking in the area?
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    You're not allowed to, but plenty of people do it.
  5. You can also go up Valley Road north of Washington. There are three place posted for public fishing.
  6. A lot of people say your not allowed but there is a sign, I'm pretty sure is designated to shore fishermen, that says no fishing beyond this point, it is at the rangers dock by the cabin.
  7. Thanks everyone. I will check out valley road. I was on the 44 causeway this afternoon. Not much biting. It was a little early when I left. There was a lot of bass on there beds. I will check it out again soon.
  8. i think it was the spring open this year, at the end of the tournament there were people shore fishing right there at the ramp and getting pissed at people for docking there boats on shore right next to them.
  9. Who handles enforcement there? Some people aren't very bright!
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    The city of Akron, about 40 miles to the South handles the enforcement.
  11. Thanks PB. I will still play it pretty straight. LOL
  12. I dont know..I am kinda glad there isnt much for shore fishing down there..It helps to prevent it from bein totally raped..If I am not mistaken,they dont stock that place anymore..It also keeps people from trashin the shoreline as well..And as far as people fishin for food,I know some who have...They seem to be the ones who like to go above the limit every chance they get..It also seems that if someone is that bad off,they dont work and pay taxes..So when all the fish were taken out,it would be on the people who work to pay for it to get re-stocked...And thats even if they decided to do that,and of course it would be shut down for a couple years til they got the population and all that back up..No man should be looked down on for their financial situations..Lets say they opened the shoreline..Who is gonna ensure it stays clean?..Are the shore fishers gonna inspect it every couple weeks and keep it clean?Who is gonna make sure pople abide by the legal limits?..There are some downsides to opening up the shoreline..
  13. Sounds like someone needs a boat
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    lol Amen brother.

    And as far as "someone needing a boat", I think that is ridiculous. I have been a shore fisherman my entire life & only fished from a boat on 3 occasions. A lot of people can't even afford a small 12' jon boat, myself included, so shore fishing is our only option. Why the hell should lakes that we paid the $19 to be able to fish, be restricted to those fortunate enough to have boats?

    Those with boats could care less for the most part, as somehow once you can afford a boat, you forget that you used to be a shore fisherman. It is always some guy with a boat that cost more than the 5 acres his house is standing on too.


    I just wanted to add that I am not hostile towards boaters in general. I totally can understand why those with boats would like restricted shore access, as it restricts fishing pressure, but I along with many others do not own a boat, & it just isn't fair that we the boatless pay the fishing license fee only to have less fishing opportunities than those with a better financial situation. To many people, us shore fisherman are considered a nuisance.
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    I have a boat (its poop), and I do care about shore fisherman,and havent forgotten.....I never fish on top of the shore guys (even when that is the best spot,.which is not often)

    I figure I got the whole lake ,so I fish elsewhere (unless 25 mph gusts) then im in the cove with them.........................hhhhhh

    for the most part I agree with the zod....on this one
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  16. I shore fish mostly also. I hate that we are restricted to where we fish. It just feels that if you own a boat you have special privileges. Im not saying that a lot of people on are fisherman either. A lot of these once a year guys or whatever they are leave trash and disturb great fishing areas. It just sucks that it seems we who respect this tradition get screwed by the low lifes like that.
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  17. The " someone needs a boat" comment may ot have been the right thing to say..I think someone was just venting on here..I have a 12' semi v..But I live in Ashtabula,so 70% of my fishing is done down at the ARU marina from the shore..I pretty much use my boat for east branch,ladue,and aquila..My gas motor may not even get fixed this year cause I pretty much go down that way with my buddy from painesville about once a week during the summer..I dont think anyone is baggin on anyones financial situation..I think they should open up some more places,but not the whole shoreline..That way it dosnt get to congested,and can still be cleaned easily..
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    I should of mentioned that not all boaters once becoming "captain" turn into elitist jack@sses. I know there is some respectful boaters, such as fellow member Barf here. It really isn't the boats that are the problem, but rather the individuals. Inconsiderate is inconsiderate with or without a boat.


    I am sure Putzin wasn't being altogether serious. In fact, I found it a hilarious one liner for the conversation. I should of worded my post better to establish that his post got me off on a tangent about how many boaters are disrespectful to shoreline fisherman. I have had my share of bad experiences with boaters as a shore fisherman, so I had to vent. lol

    I know no one was "baggin" on anyone's financial situation. I only brought it up because whether right or not, boaters have way more access to the waters that our fishing license fees pay for. When statistically there are way more fisherman that pay the license fee that do not own a boat. With that in mind, shore fisherman make up the majority of the revenue that Ohio gets from fishing license sales, yet these same shore fisherman have an extremely small fraction of the water access that boaters do.

    Also Iraqvet, I am with you on wanting to keep the shoreline trash to a minimum. I wouldn't want for the shorelines to be opened up in such a way that people could freely come & go with no trouble at all. But I think that the shorelines should be legal to fish on the waters we paid to be able to fish. I don't mind walking a half mile through the woods /swamps along the shoreline of a lake to get to a good fishing spot. Keeping the shorelines thick & unmolested not only keeps the natural beauty of the setting, but also keeps shore fishing to a minimum as a lot of people wont trudge through thick cover just to get to a fishing spot. I just want it to be legal for those that are die hard enough to want to work to make it to those shorelines.
  19. I agree there are probably way more guys who dont have boats then do..I am not sure how the city of akron gets money for ladue and eastbranch..I have talked to people who says it comes from taxes,not from license fee's...I live in 'Bula so that dosnt really effect me I guess unless it does come frome license fee's??..I guess the fisrt thing that comes to mind is guys clogging up the landing by fishin there..Or guys who dont see anyone around so they just leave their trash deep in the woods..You dont seem like that type.But the problem is for one of you,there is probably ten guys that do that kind of stuff..I guess akron has taken hints from other lakes and set those rules in place..It sucks cause inoccent people feel wronged...Kinda like how our economy has been for the past six years..I have perfect credit,but my company still cut the limit on my card in half as a precaution..I guess to many people wanted stuff they couldnt afford, so it effects us all..Everyone wants fishin to be their time in heaven on earth..The problem is there are to many guys with pitch forks and pointy talls walkin around to make that possable at some places..
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    @ Iraqvet

    You are absolutely correct. A good example is when East branch closed down several years back from all the vandalism & so forth. I remember that was the first year I ever fished East Branch, & tried my luck there maybe twice before it was closed.
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