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  1. Fished Ladue Saturday, Girlfriend caught a nice 10" crappie but other than that we got skunked. Anybody else fish there this weekend? how'd you do; I'm just learning the lake and am wondering what went wrong.
  2. Went Friday. Tough day. Trolled for about 5 hours using hotntots, big o's, walley divers, and wiggle o's. No walleye, about 20 white perch, 5 yellow perch, 5 crappies. I was barely marking any fish. It was weird. I have no idea where the walleye are right now in that lake.

  3. Managed 5 nice crappie over 10" and who knows how many white perch while trolling for eyes. Tried weed edges, deep water, suspended marks and no eyes. I marked a ton of fish (probably only white perch). I also went Sunday and there was a tournament that I was not aware of because it listed on so I didn't get to hit some areas I wanted to give the tourney fishers some room.
  4. I was out saturday w/Riverrunner 7 hours 1 bass and 1 white perch.
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    I fished it for about 4 hours saturday till dark. One small bass and missed several others on spinnerbait. On the other hand I took several nice crappie and gills at dusk on the flyrod.
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    I went out with my brother-in-law and 2 nephews this past Saturday: one of the kids got 2 nice bass just by tossing a minnow into the weeds by the islands right off the launch. My BIL and I were going for walleye and got none trolling, but I picked up a decent one (15 inches) with just a nightcrawler on the bottom. we caught a zillion of those white perch (are those really perch?) and a catfish about 3-4 pounds on a shad rap...
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    We're heading out there this Saturday, tossing around the idea to hit the south end of the lake for some LMB. Hope the feed turns on by then cause these reports sure don’t make it sound to promising.
  8. I believe they have a turny going on sat. i'd like to go watch but gotta work :mad:
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    Yeah, I was gonna give you a heads up too. Tournament from 6:30 - 3:00. Not by any means telling you not to go, but there will be probably 35-40 boats fishing the event.
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    Thanks for the heads up on the tourney this Saturday guys. Really don't want to wait in line to launch or contend with the masses. Looks like we'll be headed out to Pymatunining Saturday.
  11. FYI- under 30 teams thus far for lado Sat AND...

    never had a complaint from any other fisherpeople in past few+ years.

    My team is on hand in the a.m. to make sure nonparticipants get moved to the front and drop in immediately ahead of us.

    Come on out and join us- point champs will be finalized Sat!!!

  12. Nip what time is the weigh in? I might head down to watch it.
  13. Was there yesterday from 5 to 7:30 drifted and trolled in front of launch caught 4 white perch. :)
  14. I fished the southern portion of ladue Wednesday evening. I only had a couple of bass on (they got off) one casting a worm and one trolling. I tried catfishing in the evening and caught a couple of nice ones back by the river inlet. In these dog days I think you got to go for cats.