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LaDue Saturday

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Big Daddy, Sep 12, 2004.

  1. I was going to post this yesterday, but man, was I tired...

    Met up with fellow OGFer RONK out at Ladue for some crappie action. Ron had said he had a good pattern going out there, and he was right. We must have caught 70 or so crappies, no real slabs, but several good keepers(I had 15 crappie Ron), 9-12 inches, and some real quality gills in the 8-9 inch range.

    Trolling for them out there with beetle spins works well. Just have to find the fish, that's all.

    It was a great trip. Weather awesome, fish biting, got a couple meals, and the cold brews at teh Auburn Inn was a great way to top it off. Thank you very much Ron. We'll hit West Branch in the Spring.

  2. It was a great day out on the lake with ideal conditions for trolling. I was getting pretty antsy after determening that the area I had been fishing for weeks was devoid of fish. After we made the move & found the fish we were getting them pretty regular. I had 19 crappie & 4 gills in my cooler. Great fishing with you again Carl, & your'e right the Auburn Inn certainly topped things off.