Ladue Ramps

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  1. Anyone put in at either ramp lately at Ladue. Today, I put my boots on and walked out the ramp at 44, and it seemed like the water is really shallow. I walked out about 15' and the water is still less than 2' deep. I'm not sure I can launch in water that shallow. I didn't have time to check the other ramp.

    Anyone know when they raise the water?
  2. when the spring rains and thaws come :p

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    You'll be fine at the other ramp, I think it actually gets better as they drop the water. The water will come back up in the Spring IF we have a wet Winter. I think it was 2006 when it really never came all the way back up, it was down 3 feet in April and never recovered, until it was too late.
  4. Is the 44 ramp the one across from the bait shop, or is it the one past it?
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    Past it...... The boathouse ramp is the Washington St. or Rd. Ramp

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