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LaDue overdue

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by mike3641, Jul 4, 2004.

  1. I'm new to LaDue, but I've caught nothing in six trips there. Can anyone give me some advice on locations and techniques for bass?
  2. Get a high quality map and at this time of the year choose to fish long flats between 422 and 44 that are "very" close to deep(er) water by fan casting with fast wobble action shallow crank baits followed by slow wobble deep running cranks ticking the bottom... Then switch to a spinner bait with a fat trailer that allows you to slow your retrieve and then slow roll by lifting the rod tip high and letting the blade spin as it falls near stumps and corners of drop offs...
    Move off the flats to fish all sides of drop offs and declines that are near or in the deep(er) water... Use either corolina rigs and stand up jigs either rubber or hair fished slow with some kind of trailer and dragged or pop off the bottom to mimic crayfish and dying baitfish...
    When the sun is high fish the drop offs or staging areas harder then anywhere else somewhere deeper where the fish can stage in lower light areas...
    Colors should be matched to the type of day you are fishing + bright days bright lures and visa versa ;)

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    mike, i've always had good luck fishing carolina rigs at ladue. i use a 2 piece 7.5 foot rod, spinning reel with 10 pound main line. i use between a 2 foot and 3 foot leader. i have good luck putting on a 6 in lizard in red shad color also all black works good to. hope this helps. the carolina rig is a killer especially on flats.
  4. Carolina rigs work great, but if you're more of a shallow water fisherman, scum frogs and flukes work well, too.
    Good Luck!
  5. Guys

    Thanks very much for the great advice! You have really been generous with your knowledge. I really appreciate it.

    Mike :)