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  1. Had a great day on LaDue yesterday, we ended up with 17 crappie (one was 15" and the other 14.5" both pictured below) all others were >10". Also got a 20" northern, 12 catfish and many white & yellow perch, all in 4' of water.

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    NICE JOB!!! I see I'm going to have to make way over there soon. I caught a bunch of crappie last year there including a 131/4 Fish Ohio.

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    i take it you were in a boat....nice job though...i struck out when i went to ladue...but i was on shore under the causeway
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    Nice catch! Did you get them on the north end or the south end of 44? I always fished on the north end but think I may be missing something. I hear there are some nice holes on the south end.
  5. Yeah, I took the boat, the causeways get a lot of fishing pressure, you have to hit them at just the right time. I was on the NE side of 44 in one of the large bays, fishing the windblown bank. There were a lot of minnows in that corner and the fish were very agressive. The cats were all pretty nice size 17-20", all of them hit on minnows. I'm sure this cold weather turned the fish off, but they will be back on next week. Good luck!
  6. I' planning on taking my 5 year old cousin there this weekend, If its not to bad out, we are just going to drift minnows on a jig. I'll let you guys know How I do. :D
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    is Ladue an electric motor only lake? i think i go over it everytime i go to solon from warren (422). My budy has been telling me about a glacier lake he has been fishing over by punderson, he's gotten alot of fish out of it including trout. i am sure he will thank me for letting only a few people know ;0
  8. Yes Ladue is electric. Punderson is a natural glacial lake and is located in Punderson State Park, also electric only. The state stocks trout there annually. And good job on the fish to the thread starter!!!!!!