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LaDue bassn' 5/8

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Nipididdee, May 12, 2004.

  1. Great job Nippidee!

    I wish I could say the same. What part of the lake are chances best right now and how deep do you recommend?

    I was out Monday the 10th. Surface temps were 60-61 and the wind was strong enough from the south to create whitecaps. I tossed a spinner all around the western shore north of 422 all the way to the dam. I threw an occasional tube in the rip rap areas but still no takers. Water was still pretty murky. I tried for crappies in a few spots and didn't do any better. About 1pm I ended up around the 422 bridge and caught a couple of large white perch. This was a surprise. When did they get in here?

    The wind finally died down about 2pm but it was time to go home. Talked to a couple others just leaving. One got 3 crappie in a bay south of 422 and the other had squat. :confused:

  2. HeY Nip,
    Any word on what the status is on the ramps? THe last couple times I launched at 422 on the shallow side on old road bed. After watching numerous people get stuck in the gravel I don't want to even attempt that.
  3. I can see where people might have a lot of trouble. I got in and out OK but I had it in 4wd. The angle is a bit shallow also. My exhaust was half submerged in order to get enough depth to easily get the boat off. That made me a bit uncomfortable.

    If any of you guys see me out there come by and swap stories. I have a 14 ft Tracker pulled by a blue Trailblazer.
  4. The last time I was there I had the water up to the bottom of my doors and still had to push the boat off. Not fun.
  5. Yea, the ramps are still pretty bad. Someone was stuck on Saturday and Sunday.
  6. Thanks Curly! I wish I could point you in the right direction for something but if you look at my stats you'll see I haven't a clue !!!! I can't catch but one fish at a time on lado and those are dumb fish.

    If Id guess correctly Id say a mass move to the banks has occurred with this awesome weather. For whatever reasons bass still had yet to make the initial big push for the spawn (last two events)- Id say by now though they are littered on every bush and piece of wood- some on tight and wont bite, others moving up eating it alive.

    I have committed myself to four days on the big pond though. Mother has spanked me lately. Im gonna go where you cant go wrong!!! :) I'm hearn' smallies are eatn' anything from bubblegum to pop cans- and bigger then EVER!!! Cousins from KY coming up and experience what they "cant believe"!

    As for the ramp- last word was there was no more $$$ or manpower to make a fix and once they got some of both they intend to do somethin'- the lado ramp is a case in point- if it aint broke, dont fix it :) The key to any successful launch is a LONG rope or a partner with waders!

  7. yea...... the ramp is total crap. Its horrible to have water up to your tail pipe and the boat trailer not completely submerged. I have to get on waders and pull the boat on and off the trailer.