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  1. I ain't been this this year and I heard the water level was down, but I haven't seen hardly any posts regarding bass at Ladue this summer. All I've seen is walleye posts for it with out good results. So how has the bassin' been at Ladue this year? Just curious. Don't know if I'll make it there this year, hopefully this fall.
  2. From what I hear the water is down really low and the bass fishing hasn't been good. There's plenty of deep water structure in that lake though, so if you find it, you should be able to do OK.

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    buddy of mine and another guy did real well on bass this past weekend, although they only ran up to 14 or 15 inches. they also got a few nice eyes. this guy usually fishes east branch but he said it was way down.
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    The people that know the lake really really well are catching Big Bass and plenty of them. It's taken at least 15+lbs to win the past two tournaments out there. Two weeks ago there were 4 15lb bags brought to the scales.

    I can't stand the low water conditions, most of my "good" spots have cactus growing on them, thought I might of even seen a Camel last Saturday walking down a shoreline I usually flip.

    They're there, you just gotta find them.
  5. ParmaBass I'm in the same situation. We struggled last Saturday also. Luckly we put 2 in the boat that got us some points. Tuna Can here's the link to the results of past tournaments at Ladue.
  6. Low water levels stink. I'm a flipper too, and it seems like any deep structure i know gets pounded. I l know some guys are whacking them and i even know how, but still can't seem to get them into my boat. Got two nice ones saturday, but that was all. The key seems to be to be two of my most dreaded words "Carolina Rig".
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    We've officially gave up on points, caught a 3lb'er at around Noon and let her swim free about 1:30. I lack the patience to structure fish, I have all the spots on my GPS, but just can't make myself sit on a hump for more than 15 minutes. Mabey someday!! Looks like LaDue had a big downpour hit it earlier today, mabey that will help a little.
  8. Fishing "memories" is hardest thing for me this year. The fish have changed and I ( as many others) haven't:p It's hard to do with so many good memories of fish after fish scaring me to death;)

    The numbers from the elctroshock this past spring represent 278 largemouth with 126 being greater than 12". Thats minus the smallies!!! Strong representation of continued good spawns and a top notch healthy bass fishery.

    I do have a couple of killer new white perch spots:eek: ...wait until the water goes down a touch more and they start eating those dudes heavy, hopefully Championship time!

    I still feel "Mother" has a way of tuning into the subconcious to reveal your true intentions to her...only then will she relinquish her wrath. She smells me coming this year and turned my butt red!

  9. 16 hours with no fish. the enemy grows stronger! I've fished memories, new spots, shallow, deep, in-between, top, bottom, suspended. only thing that wants the c-rig isn't a green fish! points. what points?
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    She's been good to me this year . I've broken my personal bests for both largemouth and walleye this year . Being only my second year on the lake I feel very fortunate . With that being said , our team has 2 skunks to our credit . 0 points x 2 events = disappointing for the goals we set . I'm going to keep fishing , picking up trash and trying to learn more about the "enemy" .

    Who's in for a white perch derby ?
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    Was out at LaDue for a few hours 7/24 with not much to brag about. Caught one 8" lm, a 3"yellow perch, a 3" crappie, and a white perch. Caught the white perch instantly when i dropped and Erie dearie in to troll. Not too much luck but lots of fun. Not to mention the keys got locked in the truck. Not Fun! :(
  12. i'm in. white perch/trash pick up tourney.