LaDue 8/29/04

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    Went to LaDue yesterday just before the heavy rain hit. I put in at the boathouse and trolled the roadbed to the east side of the lake. The sky started looking dark, so I pulled up, set the motor on 5 and headed for the bridge. I didn't get far before the faucet came on, HARD. By the time I got to cover under the bridge my boat had several inches of water in it. I haven't seen it rain that hard in a long time. The boat was already a little heavy with three batteries in front and my gear, the extra weight of the water made quick maneuvering at speed tough. I headed for a slot between the bridge supports but at the last moment saw a boat already there, when I tried to steer to the next spot the boat didn't respond. I sideswiped my boat into the concrete support and snapped off my Fishin Buddy bracket. Crap. No biggie, but if anyone was under the bridge, I'm the knucklehead you saw. I caught a few crappie under the bridge on jig and maggot, mostly dinks. After the rain, I trolled all around the north end with Hot-n-Tots and small crankbaits but all I picked up was a few big white perch, gills, and a couple crappie.

  2. I was out Sunday with my brother. We decided to fish through the rain showers. It was coming down in buckets for a while. We bailed a considerable amount of water from the boat. We did real well trolling for crappie in the open water & didn't want to give it up for a few sprinkles. You can always get dinks under the bridge but we were catching slabs.
  3. Man Ron, you got that crappie pattern down! Nice job....