LaDUE 5/21..PICS

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  1. Well me and my buddy went out to Ladue yesterday afternoon...we launched off rt44 at about 4pm and man was it windy and cold! We began fishing for crappie under the 44 bridge jiggin minnows but the wind was unbareable and we couldnt stand it so we began trollling towards the 422brigde and decided to fish for some bass by the rock wall...water was choppy and my doubts we high. I put a black boyah spinner bait on and first cast right against the rock hooked a MONSTER 20in bass! My buddy then hooked a solid 16in bass right after me...after that nothing else was biting and we left because it was freezing...but it was a great trip!
  2. Nice fish. Thanks for the picture.

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    Nice bass!!! That will get those tourney guys fired up:D
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    I'm sorry to be the one to post this, but this pic is an obvious photoshop! There is no "rock wall" South of 422. Take a close look at the picture the lateral line is stretched out on the fish and the guy holding the fish only has 3fingers.

    Nice first post, go back to photoshop school buddy!!;)
  5. I dunno. I know the area wheres he's talking about, but those fingers sure do look strange. If i were going to go through the trouble of photoshopping something, I'd make it a heck of a lot bigger.
  6. I think he shrunk his head to make the fish seem bigger....Plus no fishing rod ..Seriously thats a nice bass....You really earned it in that weather..Keep it up but save some for me ...Ignore the haters..
  7. so i catch a huge bass and decide to share it with u guys and u guys try to tell me i photoshopped it??? r u serious? if u go under the 44 bridge and vere right there is a rock wall along the whole side of the lake...i took the pics on my cell phone so maybe thats why my hand looks weird? you guys r unbelievable..why would i waste my time photoshopping a fish? c'mon guys dont be jealous...thanks to everyone who had something positive to say
  8. ok so the guy emailed me saying he was kidding...ignore that last post lol
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    Yeah! It is an ongoing joke on the site:)
  10. hahaha ok guys well this is my first thread lol.....didnt mean to take it personal!
  11. Great first post! LOL you would be pretty good at photoshop to make an exact shadow on your shirt of the photoshopped fish.
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    I was hoping you would of gotten the pm before you saw the post!! And your hands don't look deformed at all. The last guy that got accused of photo shopping was told his fingers looked funny.

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    That's a pretty good bass, that's usually how it goes though a few good bites then nothin', good job hope you put 'em back though.
  14. Nice fish there no doubt bassmaster19. Any idea on water temp and depth of your catch?
  15. Very nice fish man, I really need to start catching some big ones, or some just in general.
  16. not sure on the water temp exactly but it was COLD...and i hooked him right on shore in the rocks prolly about 2 feet or so of water...
  17. Welcome to OGF! Nice first post there buddy. What a toad!!!
  18. Nice fish and what intense colors, too!